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Protein Powder price

Jan 15th, 2023 at 20:58   Automobiles   Sha Tin   12 views
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Protein Powder price Introduction Rice Protein Powder 80% is mainly composed of albumin, globulin, gliadin and gluten. ), alcohol-soluble glutenin (3%) and alkali-soluble glutenin (66% to 78%). Among cereal proteins, the biological value (B.V.) and protein value (P.V.) of rice protein are higher than other proteins. The amino acid composition of rice protein is balanced and reasonable, and the amino acid content is high, which is unmatched by other vegetable proteins. Rice protein is recognized as a high-quality food protein, in line with the ideal pattern human body. Compared with other cereal proteins, Rice protein biological value (BV) and protein utilization rate (PER) are higher, the biological value can be as high as 77, and the protein utilization rate is 1.36%~2.56%. It ranks first in all kinds of food. Rice protein is superior in quality to wheat protein and corn protein, contains high-quality lysine, and has low allergy, making rice protein very suitable for the development of infant have been shown to lower cholesterol. 3. Prevention of Chronic Disease A nutritious diet can prevent some diseases, such as heart disease and. Asians are less likely to suffer from heart disease than Europeans, which may be related to the fact that Asians eat rice as their staple food. Relevant studies have found that rice protein isolate has a certain inhibitory effect on atherosclerosis in a mouse model of genetic high cholesterol, and can reduce the damage of atherosclerosis to arteries. Heart disease rate. Application The research on Rice Protein Powder 80% at home and abroad mainly includes food additives to improve the physicochemical function of food; natural thickeners and foaming agents as washing and care products; high-protein nutritional powders for special populations; biologically active peptides that meet specific functions; Active ingredients for health care; protein feed for livestock and poultry production; green and environmentally friendly edible film, website:

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